semi-sweet news

i suppose ‘semi-sweet’ is misleading. but i’ll get to that part at the end…

my cousin just brought her boyfriend home to meet her parents. apparently, it did not go over well. my aunt and uncle gave a small, cold greeting towards him with the initial introduction and then proceeded to ignore him.

not only was he not chinese, but he was east indian. and that was NOT in my aunt and uncle’s plans.

plus – lets be honest. they are racist.

i feel really bad for my cousin. i admit, i know nothing about this guy – but for her to bring him home to meet her parents must mean that he is a significant part of her life. personally, i wouldn’t care what his background culture/ethnicity is – just as long as he treats her well and makes her happy.

i’m looking forward to meeting him – and if this is the one that’s sticking, i pray that my aunt and uncle will come around.

anyway, my father told me this and said that he thought it was absolutely a bad move on their part to not give the boy a chance. my cousin is 34 – they risk losing her. forever.

she’s old enough to do as she pleases – they can not control her. especially who she chooses to be with.

i hope they realize this before it is too late.

so – the bittersweet part? the knowledge that my father has come so far on his own path. to see him stand up for her was a great feeling. he is older then my aunt, his sister, and he came from the same, conservative, old-school way of thinking.

but he’s come a long way – i’m proud of him.


4 thoughts on “semi-sweet news

  1. Awww yay dad!! I’m so glad that people can be open-minded. I have a friend who’s also Chinese but she was born here in the US. She said that her parents used to look down on her non-Asian boyfriends. They wanted her to marry someone who was Chinese. She’s 42 and still single, and now they’re like “we don’t care who you marry as long as you get married.” I hope your aunt and uncle come around when it’s not too late…

    • i’m hoping that it’s just the initial shock. but i think that might be wishful thinking on my part.

      it’s crazy, though – they’ve been living in canada for as long as my parents have. that’s almost 40 years. but i guess people who are racist have that ill-trait burning deep in them.

      well, as long as this guys is good for my cousin, i hope she doesn’t give up. it is not ideal to stick w/ a relationship where the parents are not open-minded about but it’s her life – it’s her future.

  2. That is fantastic about your father and the growth you see in him. And he is correct in his assessment. I hope he can say a few words to his sister before she continues down this path that she will regret!

  3. I’m so glad your dad has grown to be more tolerant and less conservative with regard to tolerance of others. That’s such good news!

    I hope you like your cousin’s boyfriend and that everything works out eventually (for all involved).

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