forum politics – even when it comes to raising dogs…

oh my god. i shouldn’t be surprised. i’m not really, but still… i can’t help but to roll my eyes.

i joined this forum belonging to dog and cat owners. reason being, i was curios if anyone had anything to say about reputable dog services or products.

one thread was about doggy daycare. the person asked what others thought about doggy daycare.

i decided to leave my own personal oppinion.

what did i get? one of those annoying dog owners who think that he/she is some dog expert. and that everything he/she says is the golden rule.


it was so ridiculous. all i said was that in regards the puppy daycare, between month 4 and 8 is the most crucial time for socialization. after they turn a year, they don’t need it as much.

never did i say that they needed ZERO socialization but they just don’t need it as often. definitely not daily. hell, even at this age, hobbes does not need it daily – we would never be able to afford it!

so this ‘dog expert’ said that my statement was incorrect. that the most crucial socialization was BEFORE 4 months – during the first couple of months where they get socialization from it’s mother and siblings as humans can never provide this.

my response? uh… really? gee… thanks! i had NO IDEA! correct me if i’m wrong but aren’t we talking about doggy daycare and it’s purpose in socialization? from what i understand they do not accept dogs less then around 4 months because they need full vaccination and 4 months is usually when they get that!


then he/she went on about how they still need it after they turn a year. and so i pointed out that i never said they didn’t. but they just did’t need it daily because most people can not afford doggy daycare daily!!!

i have to wonder where these people come from. doggy daycare is a modern concept. and it’s JUST like how i get so annoyed with other parents who think i’m being less of a mother simply because i do not baby my child.


good grief. i love hobbes. and i do what i can for his mental/physical health because in some ways, he is almost like a second child (i say almost because chaeli is still my first priority) and most definitely an important part of our family.

but at the end of the day…



2 thoughts on “forum politics – even when it comes to raising dogs…

  1. There always seems to be a know it all around, doesn’t there! Gah! Nothing like a person being so sure of what THEY know about dogs that they outright tell you that you are wrong. I bet there are many theories, just like with kids.

    • i decided not to go back to that forum. i’m sure there are great individuals on it but after being there fore only 2 days, i’m reminded yet again about how annoying a lot of online-forum-dwellers can be.

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