lost in negative space

i feel like ever since my vox neighbours/friends moved to wordpress, even less of them are updating.

can this be blamed on wordpress? or vox? or six appart not being six appart anymore?

is there an issue in this universe? are we no longer feeling connected anymore?

i am looking at my wp-blogroll. i think only a quarter of those blogs, if even that, update on a regular basis (at least once a week).

this is very unsettling.


8 thoughts on “lost in negative space

  1. I haven’t been updating in a while in general. Even when VOX was still around. I keep wanting to get back into it more but I’ve been really trying to figure out what I wanted to blog about. Do I just update on the repetitive rut that is my life? Or do I change the focus of my blog to be more about “something”?

    I’ve been itching to get back into it but I honestly have no idea what to write about. :^(

  2. i didnt update every day on vox.maybe not even every week. but…i dont know i feel different on wordpress. its not really exciting to post to me anymore because i just feel like one or two people are even reading them. its a bummer. :S

  3. Your the only one i know who updates regularly …
    I’ve got some theories… not everyone from Vox moved over to WP, also it’s harder to see all the posts from your blogroll on WP than it was on Vox, (yeah it takes an extra mouse click).

    Furthermore when you nobody else posting new stuff, it makes you less interested in posting stuff too …

    • i think it’s been a harder transition for most from vox to wp. even though people were significantly blogging less in my vox neighbourhood, i think it’s dropped down even more. i don’t blame them – while wp functions really well (love how it catches spam so much better then vox), it’s not as good for the community setting.

      generally, i feel like wp is way more for the individual… blogging for the individual. at least that’s how i feel.

  4. Im with ya here…….I feel the same way and I find it hard to find new people to watch who have interesting things to talk about and listen too…..so Ive basically stayed with my small circle of “friends”….I hope you keep blogging though- I enjoy reading your stuff….

  5. It was so much easier to get updates from Vox on who in the neighbourhood was posting. I can’t find it here on wp as easily (maybe it is only one more click or so). It just seems that I have to go hunting, rather than being reminded to check my subscriptions. It’s not supposed to be that way.

    As for myself…. I am not updating as much recently since I went back to work four days a week. There is so much less time to post and read my blogs at home, and I can’t check/post from work during the day (a little frowned upon in the elementary school setting).

    My point? Just know that I am still here!! xox

    • glad to here from you – i miss you!

      but i understand – work is work. perhaps once you get back into the groove, you’ll find a way to update again.

      or – maybe something will come out in the future that will be similar to vox. and we can all move there together. 🙂

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