the pain of doggy daycare

i swear i can not WAIT until hobbes will not require doggy daycare anymore. this is worse then when we went hunting down for a suitable daycare for chaeli.

daycare #1:

love them. really – they are great with hobbes and hobbes loves them. these people are flexible, too. not high-maintenance. and they cater to us, the owners/clients.

but… they open at 8am. and while they do their best to open a bit early for me, it is still too late. i hate being late and i really don’t want to be any more late for work.

it’s sad to have to say good-bye to them. i have two more full days on our ten-day package and then i won’t be sending hobbes there anymore unless it’s for overnight boarding.

daycare #2:

hobbes is there right now.

i have to admit, driving into work EARLY made me feel confident. i said to myself, “finally – i have found a place for him that opens early, is more towards chaeli’s school and work and does not throw me into the worst part of morning rush hour traffic!” it only took me about 45 minutes this morning – that’s 20 minuntes less then if i send him to doggy daycare #1.

sure, it is a bit more expensive then what we were use to paying but totally worth it.

the problem? i just got off the phone with the girl working there (had to call to ask her a question) and she kind of gave me a lecture about making sure to take him to their front lawn and making him poop before bringing him in.

i tried to explain that he wouldn’t go. that he goes first thing in the morning, eats and at the most, piddles before leaving again. but he doesn’t poop until close to noon.

now – because he’s in a new setting and is probably excited with all the new dog-smells and such, his nervous stomach probably could not hold it.

my issue? their service is directly related to working, full-time people who have really busy mornings. why am i paying them that much for a job that they should be doing for me?

so my decision? yeah – moving on.

daycare #3:

i just talked to them and for the same amount of money and pretty much in the same location (just 2 minutes further). they have a special area for potty breaks that the dogs are allowed to go to as early as when they first get there.

they seem friendly and laid-back. i may have doug bring hobbes in on his day off just for half a day (6 hours) as a trial.

i’m keeping my fingers crossed!

i’m also telling myself that this is just until the christmas holidays. after that, hobbes will be able to be on his own for a full day at home – in the kitchen where he’ll have the room to stretch his legs, play and run around a bit.

i’m not saying i won’t bring him in to doggy daycare but it will be limited to about once every week or two as he’ll still be going to my aunts every other week or so.

but by the new year, he will be around 8 months old and socialization is more important between 4 and 8 months.


3 thoughts on “the pain of doggy daycare

  1. I am sorry this has been such a pain for you! The second place certainly could have handled the issue better. I hope the third one is the charm. I know you look forward to the time when the daily daycare is not necessary.

  2. I’m sorry doggy daycare hasn’t been working out as well as you’d hoped. I hope the new daycare works out perfectly (or nearly so) and that Hobbes will soon be able to stay at home unattended.

    • thanks – the third place seems to be working out well for us. i still may send him back to the first place, thereby cutting cost down (rather then buy a bigger package or renewing the 20-day one faster at the current place) as their 10-day package is pretty cheap. plus – he LOVES it there. so, if i’m late like every other friday, no big deal. my parents pick up chaeli on those days leaving the option of working later. it sucks to work late on a friday – but i don’t think 15-20 minutes more is all that bad. 🙂

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