random confessions no. 2

i suppose i have a narrow mind about people with narrow minds. i guess i can’t help it. but basically, i don’t know how to talk to these people. because they seem to want to argue with me about everything and anything – right down to my personal preference in underwear colour.


i have family friends of my parents and some relatives who, whenever they see my parents, give them a present to pass on to chaeli.

my parents then tell me that i have to call so-and-so (and never wait more then 24 hrs) to thank them.

to be honest, i hate doing these calls. because i never asked for theses presents. it’s one thing if it’s around christmas or her birthday, in which i can sit down one afternoon and write out thank-you cards (of which normally never get mailed but hey… it’s the thought that counts, right?) but when it’s multiple times in a year from various people, that’s just a LOT of people to call.

and i’m not a phone-person as it stands.

so this most recent duty-call is for one of my aunts (whom i’m not close to). for the first time, i think i’m going to lie and say that i did call when my parents ask me the next time i see them.

if they find out it’s not true, i’ll either fake a, “really? but i’m sure i called” or a “hmm… i wonder who i was thanking, then?”

think either would work?


i use to have a crush on michael damian (from the young and the restless).

i honestly blocked this out of my mind but then i was at the gym, watching the music station and they did this feature on actors/models “moonlighting” as singers.

it was so bizarre. i’m working out, sweating away but every now and then i would look up and think to myself, “hey… isn’t that scarlett johansson? she sings? and why is ron howard in a jamie foxx video? wait… jamie foxx has a video? since when?”

anyway, they showed this early 80’s video and it was michael damian’s song. at first, i couldn’t put my finger on who it was that i was watching until it dawned on me that he was a soap opera actor.

i loved him on y&r and will forever be completely ashamed of this fact.


4 thoughts on “random confessions no. 2

  1. I am not a phone person either, at all. I would much prefer sending emails or texts as a thank you, even if that is not the proper way to say thanks. Since they gifts are being given to your parents to give to you, can’t your parents thank them? I am trying to think what I would do. Most likely, I would write a note before making a phone call because I hate the phone. In your case, maybe you could get very small note cards and write two sentences when a gift comes your way. You are busy. It is understandable (or should be) that you do not have the time to make the calls. Uggg. I hope you can figure this out.

    • it’s weird, isn’t is? we were raised to always show gratitude when people give you gifts and are being nice. but sometimes, people can go overboard. it gets tricky when they do it BECAUSE they are expecting/wanting a thank-you.

      it wouldn’t be an issue if they gave it to me or doug so we can just get the thank-you out of the way.

  2. I had a crush on him too! Even more embarrassing is that I think I actually liked one of his songs.

    I think with the whole FB, Twitter, text messaging…who talks on the phone anymore except at work? My cell phone minutes go to waste every month but I have to have a voice plan in order to have a data plan on my smart phone.

  3. I am definitely not a phone-person, never was, even before personal e-mail and mobile phones existed. My father still orders me to call HIS friends and distant relatives, whom I either have never met or haven’t seen in decades, even though he knows without a doubt that I HATE talking on the phone. Maybe a part of it is because he, and probably your parents, comes from a generation that was raised and loved communicating over the phone.

    The situation your parents keep putting you in is reminiscent of the parent-child-peer scenario we all hope to leave behind once we become adults. It’s probably even more stressful for you than most others, including myself, since they are involving Chaeli (and since you already have so much going on right now; this is just adding to your to-do list). I hope they don’t eventually expect Chaeli to start placing those thank-you calls when she’s older. I hope, if you do decide to pass on making that call, that it doesn’t backfire on you. I like Freedom Smith’s suggestion of writing a little thank-you note to pass along to the gift-givers, either through your parents or via mail after somehow getting the gift-givers’ address.

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