back to the daily grind… WAAAAAHHH!

it’s not that i have any major complaints of the daily grind. it’s more that i had a challenging morning.

rain, being woken up earlier due to a whiney dog, a dog that won’t poop in the rain, more rain, slow drive to work, stupid drivers, more and more rain…

just lovely.


2 thoughts on “back to the daily grind… WAAAAAHHH!

  1. He won’t poop in the rain? What if you hold an umbrella over him?

    We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a dog with various levels of seriousness for the past year or two. I’m the biggest holdout (coincidentally, I’m also the one who will be doing the most work re. the dog), but whenever I do start to think “hm, maybe it would be nice,” and change my mind, I then think of rainy, muddy days, and decide I like the fish quite well, tyvm. 🙂

    • i used the umbrella today – he kept looking up at it, wondering if he should trust it or not. which meant he was more interested in the umbrella then needing to poop – of course, five minutes after being inside, he realized he had to go. greeeeaaaaat!

      i made him wait until i gave chaeli her breakfast (at least he’s at the stage of having better control).

      it’s not easy but i think it’s because we don’t have a private, backyard where we can just let him go on his own. most dog owners do exactly that in the cold weather. still – hobbes is one cool dog!

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