day 3 – gobble, gobble time

so it’s the 3rd day of my personal vacation. and while there’s not as much solitude in store for me today, i am looking forward to our canadian, thanksgiving feast!

i’m actually at my parents place right now, re-united with my daughter, who has had the time of her life here, as she’s allowed to watch as much TV and play as much video games as she wants.

surprisingly, she did go for a walk with my mother the other day and has started to study the words for her next spelling test (of which contains one word i’m totally annoyed is on the list – “vertices” -even i had to look that one up! *grrr*).

doug an i woke up around 7am – once again, thanks to hobbes. we had to be at my parents place around noon-ish so we had a lot to do. actually, it was probably good that we didn’t sleep in much more.

i did the laundry, baked the pumpkin pies and doug washed the dishes and made us some brunch.

now? turkey with stuffing AND sticky-rice stuffing (a la chinese style – hmm… can i say ‘a la’ in the same description of chinese food? sounds odd), cresent rolls, mashed potatos, stir-fried mixed veggies, corn and cranberry sauce.

we’re just waiting for the other guests to arrive.


3 thoughts on “day 3 – gobble, gobble time

  1. I adore pumpkin pies!! YUM.

    Sounds like your daughter has had fun, even though grandparents tend to let them do whatever they want to. Perhaps it is good for them in some way.

    I hope you have a wonderful meal!

    • i’m alright with her being spoiled once in awhile. so long as she understands the rules when she’s back at home. 🙂

      meal was good – but nothing like leftover turkey to make sandwiches for the week!

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