day 2 – done and done!

just finished p90x plus – upper body plus. which means… i’m done the final active week of another round of p90x! next week will be my recovery week end therefore, the end of another 90 days.

yesterday, doug ended up coming home an hour earlier then i had thought. we round up hobbes and took him to this unleashed, fenced-in dog park just east of our city.

wow – it’s a busy park. but what fun! at least for us it was, hobbes spent a majority of his time hiding between our legs.

i think he was over-whelmed. it seems that most of the dogs and owners here are regulars and hobbes, being a fresh, new scent, attracted a lot of attention as dogs of various sizes and breeds came crowding around him to sniff him out.

he finally did find a few that were more his energy level and not as aggressive and decided to follow them around instead.

okay – it’s 8am and i need to get our hiking stuff ready.


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