day 1 – afternoon of nothing

the yoga class i took ended up being a bodyflow (les mill) class. i did it right after a 40 min. interval run on the treadmill.

what a great class. it was enough of a challenge to help work out a sweat and make me feel the burn in my legs… but it was also so relaxing.

i didn’t end up going shopping for myself – just didn’t feel like it. but i did get everything chaeli needs for her vampire costume for halloween. i even got black make-up and face glitter, as well as a long wig. all for a reasonable price.

afterwards, i went to get everything i needed to make doug and i a very hearty, italian sandwhich for our hike tomorrow.

and right now, i’m on my bed watching tv in the middle of the afternoon in what i can only call as bliss. it will be a couple of ours before doug comes home.

i’ll most likely pop in a movie…


4 thoughts on “day 1 – afternoon of nothing

  1. Ah, we are also thinking about Halloween outfits. Seems early but my 12 year old has already gotten her entire outfit together.

    Glad you have some down time after yoga. Sounds like a rigorous but relaxing workout.

  2. You know, I don’t recall ever seeing photos of your whole body on your blog. You must look incredible, what with all the exercise and healthy eating. I mean seriously, we want to see a bikini picture! I bet you have amazingly toned body parts!

    I never took pictures during the period of my ultimate fitness (early 20’s). I remember being a size 1 and fitting into these tiny vintage skirts. My coworkers used to tell me how amazing my skin and figure was and yet…no photographic evidence! None. At all. I could be telling lies. But you, Miss P90X—we want photos!

    • ha! i wish. no bikini shots for me. šŸ™‚ i am strong and athletic but my body is far from toned and perfect. i’m still a size 11/12, after all.

      but… i exercise to keep myself sane. it’s more therapy for me these days then anything else. it’s become a hobby, i guess.

      my mid to late 20’s figure was definitely the best in my lifetime. even then, i was too shy to wear a bikini. i regret not being more brave. šŸ™‚

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