day 0 – my personal vacation begins

so i had to stay at work for a mere hour more today to get some things done and out of the way.

it was worth it. just to leave knowing i got a good chunch of my projects done and out of the way will help me enjoy the next six days even more.

it’s now 6:35pm. i got home just 5 minutes ago… where’s that damn glass of wine?


2 thoughts on “day 0 – my personal vacation begins

    • i do have some organizing/cleaning i want to do at home. but i also want to just rest and relax a bit too. 🙂

      this saturday, doug and i are going on a strenuous hike. when we get to the top (which is about the halfway point), we’ll have a simple picnic. the same night, he’s making me a really nice steak dinner. that’s how we’re celebrating our anniversary.

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