it’s like a race

5:00 am – alarm goes off
5:20 am – hit snooze for the last time and get up
5:30 am – doing some type of p90x workout
6:30 am – wake-up hobbes if he’s not already awake (he’s starting to sleep in more)
– take hobbes outside and have him fed
6:45 am – get lunches and stuff in chaeli’s backpack/mine in my day bag; put both in car
6:55 am – get chaeli’s milk/banana ready
– hobbes wakes up chaeli while i get her school clothes ready
7:00 am – chaeli eats her breakfast in my room while i get ready for work
7:20 am – chaeli goes potty; brushes teeth; changes clothes; i get my coffee ready
7:30 am – i help chaeli do her hair
7:35 am – take hobbes out for one more potty break
7:40 am – off to doggy daycare
7:55 am – drop off hobbes
8:25 am – drop off chaeli
8:40 am – arrive at work 5-10 min. late (i don’t have time to take breaks so it makes up for it)
5:00 pm – leave work to pick chaeli up
5:45 pm – arrive home; get lunch for next day ready; feed hobbes
6:00 pm – make dinner while coaching chaeli for her spelling test and/or helping her w/ homework
6:30 pm – sit down for dinner (if we’re lucky – some days it is as late as 7pm
7:30 pm – finish homework if necessary
7:45 pm – get chaeli bathed and ready for bed
8:15 pm – bedtime for chaeli (one of us puts her to bed while the other cleans up the kitchen)
8:30 pm – get whatever else needs to be done as fast as i can to allow some me-time
9:30 pm – i’m ready for bed but usually do not fall sleep until 10:00-10:30pm
5:00 am – start all over again!

seriously – i am going non-stop five days a week. i now appreciate weekends like i never appreciated them before!

and don’t ask me about current events – as of the beginning of the school year, i am now extremely out of touch with the rest of the world.

and the only way i get anything done for the before/after school tasks is to do them FAST and to really multi-task. i hate making lunches but i’m becoming a pro. i even have a system. chaeli goes up stairs to change, go to the washroom and wash her hands – by the time she is done, i’m pretty much done both hers and my lunches for the next day.

also, with the two days i come home for lunch to let hobbes out, i now spend 20 minutes cleaning just so i don’t have to do it on the weekend.



3 thoughts on “it’s like a race

  1. Im also really schedule oriented…and if I get off my schedule I’m done for….so while its exhausting, at least you now have a schedule that works for you……have I mentioned I agree with you that its exhausting! I was exhausted looking at your schedule! You are an amazing mom/wife/doggie mommy/person……and yes- I look forward to weekends too!

    • so i’m not the only mom who feels that this is overwhelming, right? grade one really is a big change, isn’t it? i’m not going crazy – this is normal? because i certainly feel like i’m hanging on a thin piece of thread.

      i’m not amazing, though. but thank you for your words of encouragement. 🙂

      i’m trying to work at it so i do this AND remain from being constantly bitchy and in a bad mood. some days, i’m okay. but it feels like most days, i’m just nasty! i hope it gets better over time – i’m hoping i’m just needing to adjust to this new chapter of our lives.

      • I can’t attest as to whether or not you’re going crazy, but whatever’s happening, it’s not just you. I have a half-finished blog post about how crazy life is these days, and I’ve sat down twice to work on it, and it’s still not done. Probably never will be. And I’m talking… 3 paragraphs!

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