rouge valley – changing of colours

last weekend, we went back to the rouge valley. i think it’s becoming our ‘go-to place’ whenever we want a quick-fix hike. it’s just 10 minutes away and the types of trails are both beautiful and different from one another.

the trailthe trail – the whole distance to and back was about 1.5 hrs.

the valleyjust a touch of autumn colours started to appear.

interesting leaning tree overhanging the valley.

next weekend is our canadian thanksgiving weekend. chaeli is staying over at my parents’ place for a sleep over so doug and i can celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary with a streneous hike along hockley valley (part of the bruce trail). i’ll pack a picnic so we can munch and enjoy the view on top.

i’m hoping the weather will be good enough for us to go. it’s not something i want to do in the rain because some of the rocky climbs can be slippery and dangerous in wet weather. it’s also a perfect opportunity for us to go alone without chaeli. not because i don’t want her there but it’s too advanced for a young kid. hopefully, when she’s older, though, she’ll join us.

i haven’t done the hockley valley trail in over ten years but i remember it being quite a tough hike. it was porbably on my top three tough hikes ever (first being up a mountain in thailand through a rain forest; 2nd is a tie with hockley valley – the trails from point lobos state park of northern california… but i don’t know if it was that hard or if it was because i was hiking while recovering from a respiratory bug).

anyway – with all the working out i’ve been doing, i’m really curious as to see how i’ll fair with hockley.


2 thoughts on “rouge valley – changing of colours

  1. What a beautiful place to hike!! I love the second picture that shows the changing color of the leaves. I am so excited for that to start happening here.

    Your anniversary plans sound wonderful. What a great way to celebrate being together! I hope you have delightful weather!! Happy Anniversary!

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