my little game

the cd player in my car has been busted for awhile and to be honest, it’s a good thing. i listen to the radio while driving and while they still manage to fill the airwaves with a lot of crap, at least i feel that i am somewhat more on top of what’s on the charts these days.

now, when i’m at the gym, i listen to my mp3. but the cardio machines that i use happen to be right in front the rows of tv, where one of them is always on muchmusic. so i sort of play this game – where i try to match the songs that i know from the radio to the music videos on tv (which i’m not plugged into so do not hear any of the audio). and while i do listen to to radio, i’m quite horrible at catching the artist’s or song’s name.

so do you see the challenge? i’m getting pretty good at this game, too.

pretty impressive, eh?

well – i think so.


2 thoughts on “my little game

  1. How on earth do you do that? LOL. I don’t think I would be any good at that game! I know the songs on the radio because my girls and I like that music. But I rarely see the videos. You go, girl! Sounds like an awesome game. Maybe you should get it copyrighted!!

    • i think i watch the video and try to make out the story. and then try to match that against the lyrics. 🙂 of course, if it is obvious – like lady gaga – there’s really no game to be played.

      sometimes i go on youtube to see if i’m right. :p

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