hobbes – the professional licker

so i don’t know if this is common amongst dogs or not… i know that the way dogs show their affection is by licking. it’s sort of how they give kisses.

which is fine. except that our dog will keep going until you stop him. not only does he keep going, but he’s completely emphatic about it. if one of us is lying down on our back, he will come over and just go ballistic all over our face.

it’s almost to the point where i can’t breath because, of course, i’ve got my mouth closed so he doesn’t get me in there, and while i’m trying to breathe through my nose, it’s a bit difficult when you have a puppy dog tongue covering the airway there.

eventually, i have to push him off as i like breathing and apparently, from what i understand, one needs air to continue living.

he’s now developped a habit of placing both his puppy paws on our face to hold us down so he can assault us with his kisses.

i almost feel like i have to put a sign on on front door that says:

BEWARE OF DOG (possible chance of death by licking)


4 thoughts on “hobbes – the professional licker

  1. LOL!! We usually have dogs that lick as well because we bend down and let them give us kisses. This becomes awkward when a neighbor, wearing shorts, steps in the door to say something to us and their legs are immediately bathed. I can see the horror on their faces if they are not dog people!!

    So, yes, I know what you mean. We do them same thing, just make them stop. That is so cute that your puppy puts his paws on our face to hold you down 😀 I love the sign!!

  2. Dogs do all sorts of things that show their love . They wag tails, sometimes they wag ‎entire rear ends ! They pant and lick your hand or face. They smile. They lean against ‎you or walk next to you. They step between you and anything, or anyone, they think ‎might harm you. They run to greet you and jump for joy when they see you. They bark ‎and dance about. They sense when you’re sad or upset and try to comfort you. They lie ‎next to you and put their head on your leg or stomach or chest. Their eyes will light up. ‎They really do an amazing amount of things to show their love !‎

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