asking for pledges


i hate asking for pledges. i feel guilty when i do.

but i figure i will do it this one time for chaeli’s upcoming, school event. as it’s her first one. i hope not to do it again in the future. at least outside of asking family members.

it’s just one of those things i was torn with.

she’s adjusting to grade 1 well enough but is still stressed about homework and her spelling tests. i figured just this once, i will swallow my pride and ask friends to donate.

i don’t expect them to donate – i just hope they don’t think badly of me for asking. and i hope those that do, don’t donate more then $2-5, like i suggested.

ugh. i’m damned if i do and i’m damned if i don’t.


2 thoughts on “asking for pledges

  1. Hey….Im right there with you on this one….i hate fundraisers…I hate asking for help in the fundraisers….but they seem to be a necessary beast….and I’ve done it to- just like you. I’ve sent off the plea for popcorn sales for Jake’s cub scouts to all my friends and family…..but you know, sometimes those are the things you have to do for your kids…and our friends wont feel bad about you asking…they know that soon, there will be a day when they will be returning the favor to you :-)…..chin up- no one think badly of you for doing that

    • thanks. 🙂 i took the guilt with me to bed last night and didn’t sleep well. but hopefully, if they are my true friends, they won’t hold it against me. if they choose not to donate, that’s totally their right, too.

      it’s really not about how much chaeli makes. i think it will make her feel good to just see how much support she gets. even if it’s just a couple of bucks from each. at this age, they don’t get how much is a lot anyway.

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