trying to breath

i can’t believe i’m about to say this but i actually WANT to work overtime this week. mainly because i have so much going on that even though i don’t get paid for overtime, just getting a good chunk of things done will make me feel less stressed.

but wouldn’t you know it? i can’t work late. because my husband has been working late and has night clas and so, who the hell is going to pick up our daughter as well as get home in time so our puppy’s bladder doesn’t explode?

the irony – you don’t want to work late, but end up working late every night of the week. then you want to work late but can’t because of personal/family obligations.

both worlds, though, never see eye to eye with one another. both worlds don’t really get the other world.


anyway, i will work late an hour today and another hour this friday. tomorrow i might be able to work late but it depends on when doug gets off work, too.


One thought on “trying to breath

  1. I used to say “I wish I didn’t have to work” until people in my company started losing their jobs! Then I was glad to get to 5pm every day! (hope I still have a job when I get back because I will certainly need one to pay my credit card!! LOL).

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