random confessions no. 1

1. whenever possible, i make hobbes poop in the soil. because it’s easier to scoop poop with a bit of soil – almost like a kitty litter. and yes, i was tempted to train him to use a kitty litter – it just makes life easier.

2. to this day, i still eat pie so that i’m left with a bite full or two of just the crust.

3. sometimes, i wish i had the type of body that can wear a sexy, sequined bikini. and if i had that body, would i? probably not. i’m not the sequined type. but it would be nice to have the choice!

4. i actually liked the justin bieber song, “somebody to love” until i realized it was justin bieber. up until then, i thought it was a new female vocalist.

5. my top five might be mainly sexy celebs but i am a huge sucker for the geeky-types.


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