autumn weekend

this weekend is definitely starting to feel like autumn. and not the rainy, cold type – one with cool, crisp air, but still sunny. and noticeably much more leaves on the ground then just a mere two days ago.

it’s been a great weekend so far. aside from the mounds of laundry waiting for me to tackle, we had a nice dinner friday night with my parents and then a doggy playdate with trish, tai, their twin babies and of course, cowboy – super poodle who only seems to pee from excitement whenever i try to pick him up.

i’ll have to remember to always bring a change of clothing whenever i visit. πŸ™‚

we brought over some crackers, cheese, pate, olives and a fresh, baguette. all that went perfectly with trish’s homemade chili. which was by far the BEST chili i ever had! she added corn to it. which, oddly enough, i have never tried before myself. yum – perfect for fall weather as the day started off on the chilly side.

today, we’re going to drop hobbes off at this doggy daycare close to home. it’s a free trial for just three hours. that way, we can see what it’s like and will give me an idea how long i need to leave home and what the process is for drop off and pick up. i’m sure today will take longer – paper work will need to be filled out.

if all goes well, he’ll spend his first day there tomorrow for the whole day. *crosses fingers*


6 thoughts on “autumn weekend

    • i think it went well – they claimed he was a bit nervous but that’s to be expected on the first day.

      today is his first full day and while i’m sure he’ll still be a bit on the nervous side, it’s more like an excited-nervous. when we were waiting outside to be let in, hobbes was trying to pull forward. he was very excited and eager to be there. when one of the dog caretakers came to take him from me, hobbes kissed him all over the guy’s face (hobbes is a BIGTIME kisser – very affectionate so when you meet him, be warned!)

        • commute was still tight. even though they let me come a bit early to drop him off – they won’t come earlier then, at most, ten minutes before the actual opening time.

          i assume i’ll be late by 10 minutes in mediocre traffic.

          it’s okay – these days, i rarely take breaks and if i have to, i’ll just work 10-15 minutes on the days i have to drop him off. thankfully, my manager is not one that micro-manages or spends energy over petty things like that.

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