muscles are feeling it

first week of phase III of my p90x-p90xplus-hybrid workout routine is almost done. i just have to do upper-body-plus tomorrow morning to wrap it up.

i love phase III. it’s when the muscle confusion really starts to target our already tired and well-worked-on muscles from the phase I & II period. I love how the weeks alternate between previous two phase schedule.

absolutely no boredom. and wow – you really feel it!

i’m sitting here with my muscles fatigued and sore – not to the point of pain. but just enough to feel the accomplishment.

anyway, it’s been a trying week because i pushed myself hard. this morning, i decided to take it a bit easy. i ended up doing cardio-x for the first time.

it’s the one dvd i hadn’t had a chance to try. mainly because i wasn’t on the lean schedule – and it’s not included in the classic or doubles schedule. the cardio-x dvd is an option for those not ready for plyometrics, though.

for anyone interested in starting p90x, i would recommend doing cardio-x a couple of times a week before starting the program. it is a great intro to the world of p90x because it basically gives you a taste test of the non-strength training (the dvd’s using weights specifically to target certain muscle groups) within the program.

after warm-up, you start with yoga. then it takes you through kenpo-x, plyometrics and ends with core synergistics. just a small taste test of each – i.e. you never do more then five different types of exercises per segment. each exercise lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to about a minute (longer for the yoga moves as you need to transition through your vinyasa movements and hold some of the positions for awhile).

you can also modify any move that you’re not use to. but mainly, overall, it’s a great way to ease into p90x. especially if you haven’t worked out for awhile.


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