god. i honestly have no idea how i got up at 5am just to do p90x plyometrics. after just a few hours of sleep. i think i am just getting better at being on auto-pilot. there’s an art to just doing something that insane in the wee hours of the morning without thinking about.

because once you start thinking, your body shuts down… and goes back to sleep.

but it’s that anal part of me. i’m now starting my p90x-p90x-plus hybrid, phase III schedule. in four more weeks, i’ll be at the very end of doing p90x for the 2nd time. i have to finish this!

anyway, it’s been a challenging couple of weeks.

  • grade 1 has started, emcompassing a whole new routine. it’s been successful so far… for chaeli, that is. for me? oye – to fit in all this homework time is going to take some time getting use to. plus – all this money i’m spending on school stuff, uniform and her after school courses… ouch! sure, it’s mainly money upfront and then it won’t be all that much – still, it’s hurting our budget right now. but at least i won’t have to shop as much for winter clothes – she only needs enough to get by on weekends.
  • puppy-hood has been challenging. i love hobbes but i’d be lying if i didn’t admit that there’s been moments, some big moments, where i wonder if getting a dog is a big mistake. but damnit – i love the little guy. i may have my doubts and my little breakdowns but i could never give him up now. he’s become a part of our family.
  • work is just craaaazy. in more ways then one. i’ll just leave it at that.

the thing is, at least for the first two things, i know it will all come together. it’s just that it’s the beginning of so many new things that i feel like i haven’t had much time to adapt and breath. i’m up at 5am and i go none-stop until 9:30pm. at which point, i try to sleep for 2 hours because i know i’ll be up sometime before midnight to let hobbes out for a potty break, only to not fall asleep again until around 1am – partly because i just can’t fall asleep so fast and partly because on some nights (most nights), he whines from his kennel in our bathroom for a bit before falling asleep.

last night, i ended up going downstairs and sleeping on the couch because he was whining for almost 2 hours. by 2am, i gave up and left our room.

my sleep is WAY more important then a dog’s need to be held to sleep.

by morning, after doug let him out, he came looking for me and found me on the couch. i picked him up and he cuddled against me for about ten minutes before i had to get up and face the day.

i’m exhausted.


One thought on “plyo*yawn*metrics

  1. having a puppy is almost as hard as having a baby! they grow up so fast though. pretty soon you’ll have to coax him out of bed to go out and do his business.

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