doggy daycare

honestly – i never saw myself as some one who would EVER put her dog in doggy daycare.

but now that i’m a dog owner? hell YES!

it sounds weird, doesn’t it? like i’m pampering or coddling hobbes as if he were a young child. but coming home for lunch four days a week (doug is home wednesdays) just to let him out is not ideal for me. i don’t mind doing it up until he is fully vaccinated but now that he’s about to get his last vaccination, i feel like i might get back some of my freedom again.

another reason, though, is for hobbes to become socialized with other dogs and people. i certainly do not want a dog that is timid when greeting other dogs or people he is not familiar with. that just basically cultivates a dog that will bark. a lot. at EVERYTHING.

socialization is important in their first year. it’s that first year that ‘seals the deal’. and because hobbes can be timid, we’re doing what we can now to solve it.

it’s just like with most young children. get them socialized at an early age and they are more likely to be more adaptive in new settings. keep them by your side constantly and they will always need you to be by their side (i know – i was a child that got way too use to having my grandmother with me everywhere i went).

finally, it’s easier for us if hobbes is a bit tired out when we come home.

anyway – i will only use the doggy daycare at most, twice a week. mondays and fridays when he’s not with my aunt, uncle and their shihtzu. doug may use the doggy daycare for half days on wednesdays if he needs to be running around doing errands.

this leaves only tuesdays and thursdays for me to go home. which won’t be forever. just until he is able to hold his bladder for a full day.

i won’t use doggy daycare that often either, after his first year or so. it will start to dwindle down once he reaches a year. after that, i will only use them when we know we’ll be gone longer for a day or just once a month when he needs to be groomed (they have grooming services as well).


3 thoughts on “doggy daycare

  1. Lucky Hobbes! He’s going to have a great time at daycare. We only sent Cowboy a few times, but he came home so tuckered he went straight to his bed for the night after all the playing.

    • and that’s why i want hobbes to go – having a couple of nights a week where he’s that tuckered will give us time to do all this homework with chaeli! yeesh!

      he’s getting into the teething phase – wants to chew everything. help!

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