wordpress stats

i’m starting to get use to this place. i think it took awhile simply because there’s so many more settings and controls then vox. but once you weed out the areas that are not of use to you, it’s not all that bad.

like one thing i don’t need are the stats on the wordpress dashboard. like i really need to see how unpopular my blog is… sheesh! i prefer not knowing. :p


6 thoughts on “wordpress stats

  1. What I find weird is the actual Blog Stats page, where you can see more detailed info. I checked it last night and found it kind of disturbing to see how many page views I’ve gotten, and even where they linked from.

    The numbers are not high at all, but it reinforces my desire to try to maintain my privacy here in the blogosphere.

  2. I agree!! I do not like the stats board at all. Talk about a downer!!

    Glad you are settling in here. I feel that same way. After some days of working and asking and searching, I am starting to know my way around. I still have a lot to learn, but the nice thing is, I can get as complicated or stay as simple as I want to.

  3. I’m still settling in too, but I’m starting to really like WordPress. I don’t need to see stats to know how little visits my blog gets, but seeing some out of the blue visits does irk me a bit.

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