here we go again

it’s that time of year again – facing the daily grind after labour day weekend.

while i’m ready for a change of season, i’m slightly saddened to see summer end.

having said that, i have plans for the fall. or more to the point, the fall weekends. we have a very short autumn season here. the leaves change into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow. but… with a blink of an eye, theses colours seem to go as fast as they come. so, for about five to six weeks, it’s important to plan our weekends well.

i do plan on a couple of hiking trips. we always seem to get one in – this year, we’re aiming for two. with a possible 2-night stay over the weekend up in the northern penensula of bruce trail. another hike will probably be close to the niagara area. and of course, here is always some local trails nearby.

as usual, we’ll head out to the green belt to visit a farm (usually to pick a pumpkin for halloween). this will normally be our last fall adventure.

to start, we’ve got chaeli’s first week in grade one this week, followed by a smoked meat bbq party we’ll be hosting this saturday.

i’m sure, before we know it, christmas will be just around the bend.


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