because eating plain butter isn’t bad enough…

deep fried butter

deep fried butter

so the latest craze that’s hit the EX this year is deep-fried butter.

that’s right.

butter – fried. DEEP fried.

as if eating a timbit size of butter isn’t enough to clog your arteries.

and… not only is it deep fried (in funnel cake batter), it’s also drizzled with either chocolat, caramel, rasberry or vanilla sauce. AND sprinkled with icing sugar.

good lord. when i heard this, i thought this was a joke.

but… i will admit it. if i was with a group of people and we decided to get some so that each of us could try one, i would try it. just to see what the big hype is all about. because apparently, people swear by it.


6 thoughts on “because eating plain butter isn’t bad enough…

  1. This invention is by the same woman who came up with the last big craze at the ex, chocolate-covered bacon. I have no interest in either, but the booth was impossible not to notice because the line snaked across the road, curved around, and went down further. I was totally rushing, otherwise I would have stopped to gawk at the people lining up for an hour for deep-fried butter.

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