a rite of passage

well, we made it back from killbear provincial park in one piece. and i say one piece because, while it was a great camping trip, we did find ourselves in some exciting situations (i.e. a black bear decided to roam through our campsite in the middle of the night – hobbes barked and growled to warn us and in return, it helped move the bear along down to the next campsite).

killbear camping 2010

to sum up our trip in a nutshell, i’ll cut to the chase here:

forget that we almost had an unfortunate encounter with a bear… forget that a few bats flew above our heads… nevermind that i caught a frog for chaeli… then a toad… or that we saw, while swimming, a water snake… let alone the other snake that slid across our hiking path just inches away from my toes… forget that we were in meters away from a male deer… and of course, nevermind how gorgeous the scenery was throughout the entire park. no… lets discount all those awesome things.

because when we asked our dear daughter what the coolest thing about this trip was, all she had to say was, “i got to pee in the lake.”

doug was proud.

i… was not.

that alone sums up the difference in our parenting styles.

killbear 2010 photo album


6 thoughts on “a rite of passage

  1. Im not so sure what my little green grumbly face is there when I clicked “LIKE”…..I guess Ill figure that out…

    I LOVE the pictures! And Im SOOOOOO glad that bear didn’t mess with y’all- SCARY! Thank you Hobbes! You are a brave mommy sleeping in a tent too…..that is way too much roughing it for me…you rock! Oh and the peeing in the lake thing……come on….its AWESOME and you know it! 🙂

    • yes – it was a great time of the year. less buggy. 🙂

      have not done algonquin but did do massassauga – back country camping using a canoe to get to. lots of fun! hope to do it again when our daughter is a bit older.

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