hobbes the magnificent

so yesterday, we left hobbes home in his play pen while we attended a 4 year old’s birthday party across the city – we were gone for about 3.5 hours.

when we came back a few hours later, i was surprised to see hobbes greeting me just on the other side of our glass, kitchen door – OUTSIDE OF HIS PEN!

i took him outside first to do his business but when i returned, i decided to put him back into the pen, leave the kitchen, close the door and just stand there and watch. i needed to know how he did it or else i wouldn’t have believed it myself.

doug and chaeli came upstairs just in time to see the little bugger climb up the pen and hop out of it. he looked like a hamster and how they typically climb – a big, fluffy, 6-lbs hamster!

and it wouldn’t have mattered if we had gotten a taller play pen though the one we bought should have been just fine – he was using the horizontal bars like a ladder.

so – after thinking we would have the rest of the sunday afternoon to chill out, we packed up the playpen, grabbed the receipt and went to exchange it for a large crate/kennel that will totally box him in.

doug though it was quite amusing. i, on the other hand, looked down at hobbes, calling him a little suger-honey-ice-tea.

if he escapes this one, i won’t know what to do next!


5 thoughts on “hobbes the magnificent

  1. We have found out kennel to be a wonderful and safe place for Livvy when we cannot be here. She is not totally housebroken and she tends to eat things she should not, as any puppy would.

  2. i'm also using the kennel as a place for hobbes to eat/drink. the door is left open but he has to go all the way to the back to get his food and water.
    i heard that this way, they associated it as a good place AND they also don't like to do their business in a place associated with eating as well as sleeping.
    *sigh* animal psychology, eh? 🙂

  3. What a smart — and cute — puppy! I hope the new crate works. I wonder what new skill he'll master as he gets older and gains more experience. 😉

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