first few hours alone…

so today is the start of the work week.

what a start. this morning, it was sheer chaos. i knew it would be. because regardless of how i planned it out, i had no idea how it was going to go…

first of all – we made this mistake of letting hobbes have a puppy snack, resulting in diarrhea. lesson learned – their digestive system is sensitive so regardless of what the pet stores may state, stick with what they are use to. at least until they are older and even then, introduce new foods slowly.

so – he hears doug get up and starts to whine/bark. i ignore him. he finally settled down but then starts up again (at least not too long before i was going to wake up anyway). still, i lost a good hour of sleep since it takes me awhile to fall back asleep.

then, i take him outside and it's only then that i realized he had diarrhea. i was amazed, though, of how well he had no accidents in his crate.

meanwhile, i'm rushing chaeli to get ready while tending to him as he needed more then one bathroom trips this morning to 'clear out his system.'

i decided that for today, i would head home 30 minutes early during lunch to check up on him. thankfully, he did not eliminate in his playpen. i took him outside and he peed right away (no diarrhea so lets hope that was the end of it).

it was a crazy, crazy morning. but then having him greet me with a fuzzy kiss and all his puppy playfulnes and cuddles totally made this morning feel like it was something that happened a long, long time ago.

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