dog hunt part II

it's been set – we're heading out of town to the country in hopes that we'll find a puppy that matches what we're looking for.

the puppies that they are advertising – both cockapoo and labradoodles – are about 3 months old. a perfect age for us – one that's already been socialized with other dogs, adults, children… and have better control of their bladder to last a few hours on their own (i'll have to head home during my lunch hours until they are about 8 months old).

they have both F1 and F1b of both mixed breeds – but the one i'm eye-ing is a male F1b cockapoo and he's the only one left. i'm hoping that he's the right match for us AND that he's not taken by this saturday.

and when i mean 'the right match', we're basically trying to avoid picking out any of the bullies of the group. only because they are deemed to be 'active' as opposed to the other traits – 'neutral' and 'passive.' it's the 'active' group that's not recommended for families with yound kids.

plus – there's way more training involved.

i'm being totally realistic of what i can take as i know it's already going to be a tough few months up ahead (and more so as the dog progresses through it's teen and adolescent phases).

if we don't find the right match by this month, then i've stressed to both doug and chaeli that we just wait it out until the end of winter (another realistic expectation from me – i'm NOT house training during the winter months).

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