house guests

from last night until this sunday night, we have house guests from thunder bay.

to be completely honest, i'm not really good with house guests. there are a few of my very good friends whom i would not mind staying over. probably would prefer them way more then i would having family over.

but… the cause for this particular situation is a good cause.

doug's godson had a rough year - he just finished grade 8. and he's a good kid. not surprising, really, if you knew the parents. they did a great job raising both the son and daughter (the father is one of doug's best friends – known each other for 25 years).

anyway, the godson is 14 now. he's never been to toronto and never been on a plane. when his father told him he was taking him to toronto, he was just so excited! and that just warms my heart.

they are going to see the hockey hall of fame, CN Tower, have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and are meeting up with doug at the roger's centre to watch a Blue Jay's game tonight. i bought the tickets and basically demanded that they have a boy's night out. i mean, how often does doug get to have a boy's night out with these guys?

it's a must.

tomorrow they are heading down to the museum and will do some shopping. we'll have a big steak and potatos dinner waiting for them when they come home.

on sunday, we're all going to the science centre – a treat for chaeli.

they did want us to come with them tomorrow but we've got a lot to do – it's also quite pricey so we opted to do just the science centre.

can't wait to hear about their first day! 🙂

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One thought on “house guests

  1. Sounds like you are handling having guests very well. I agree, I find it awkward to have house guests. Our house is small and I never know how much is expected from me and how much to do for the guests. I hope their visit goes well for you!

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