top 5

yes. we’re immature enough to play the top five game. 

but i would like to point out that i didn’t bring this up. my friend ssq, did. 

so here’s my list: 





as for selma blair, i think she had me ever since hellboy: 


16 thoughts on “top 5

  1. Jeez. You can't post this and not expect me to make fun of you. (Let's not talk about how I had a post about my own top 5 list half written and just never got back to it. No, let's not talk about that.)Actually, I don't have much to say. I can't let it go by without ANY comment, though, can I?Oh, John Cusack. Is that a thread loose on his shirt, there on his neck? And Ryan Reynolds… I like him much better with his shirt on. I'm sure he'd feel the same about me, though.

  2. lol! i actually understand your mentality about the shirtless v.s. sexy shirt stance. i've only seen male strippers once. it was for a stagette. most of us were so bored after the initial shock wore off. like, we were sitting there, yawning and looking at our watches.
    i found that they were sexier when they first came out in their 'costume'. especially ones that came out like zorro or some fictional character that's always been attractive to me.
    the more then shed their clothes, the more it got uninteresting. is that sort of the same lines as your thinking?
    but… i just had to post this shirtless one of him. if anything, just because of how much work he put into his body for becoming deadpool in x-men origins.
    it's not a thread on cusack's neck. i think the person who posted this photo scanned it from an autographed picture.

  3. I'm not one to go crazy over hardcore muscles like that. They look… uncomfortable. So it's partly, yes, my prudish nature would just rather a guy have his shirt on, if possible, but in this case, also partly that then I could pretend that hugging him might not be the same as hugging a stone statue.

  4. maybe it's because i would love to have a more muscular physique. at the same time, i do not get turned on by a guy with even just a tad more bulk then shown in that reynold photo. his is probably the most muscular i would consider attractive.
    i once met this girl who was an body builder – she'd enter in amateur competitions. and she said that she totally goes for guys in the same caliber. but that's also part of her own passion and goal. so i suppose i could understand that from her perspective.
    not that i'll be anywhere near as cut as what i admire. 🙂 i'm happy to have even the amount of muscles that i have under my flab.

  5. Nice list! I definitely agree with Ryan Reynolds. I've had a crush on him since Blade Trinity. It's not just his physique, which is my limit for attractive muscles, but his personality… and his voice. I liked Cusack when he was younger. RDJ's attractiveness has grown on me since he sobered up and started doing action movies, but time and drugs have not been that nice to his appearance, unfortunately. I loved Orlando in LotR and Kingdom of Heaven, but his other roles make him seem a bit of a pansy. *L* Selma Blair is hot; loved her in Hellboy. Actually, all of them have awesome voices. They should do more voice acting.

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