geek or just a fetish?

okay… it just occurred to me after doing my top five that a lot of my crushes are influenced not just by the characters that the actors usually play, but heavily influenced by comic book super heroes.

while i loved robert downey jr., i loved him more after watching iron man. same with ryan reynolds as deadpool. or the fact that i found orland bloom irresistable as an elf. okay – that's not a comic book. but you get the picture.

so it begs to be clarified here… is this just a sign of super-geekiness? or do i have some sort of comic book, perversed fetish going on here?

of course, it's not like i ask doug to dress up as a superhero or anything. if he did, i think i would spend more of my time laughing my ass off rather getting turned on.

so i guess i just answered my own question.

it's just due to my geekiness.

you know, this might sound really bizarre – but what a relief!


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15 thoughts on “geek or just a fetish?

  1. its totally a mix of both. because i feel the same exact way.although not for tobey macquire or however you spell his name. as spiderman. hes not very good looking in my opinion

  2. i agree on the spiderman thing. he plays a good peter parker – only because he can play a dork really well. but – never felt any attraction towards him. ever.
    my first superhero love as christopher reeve as superman. i was just a little girl but boy that was my first big, celeb crush!

  3. Some of my top five were picked due to not just their looks but the way they act on whatever show or movie I have seen them in. There is a charm, a charisma about them. It has so much more to do that just looks.

  4. i think that's why christian bale doesn't do it for me as batman. i mean – he did a great job playing batman. overall, he's a skilled actor. but… i happened to see him in american psycho. which was a very disturbing movie. and as he has mad skills, he portrayed the psycho too well. very creepy. so even though he plays a superhero/comic book character, he still didn't turn my crank.

  5. ive always liked christian bale, like in the prestige. loved him in that. but i have yet to watch american psycho, because i KNOW i would hate him after. haha so im in denial 🙂

  6. it's such a disturbing movie – not my cup of tea. if you're like me, stay clear from it. i had awful imageries from it for weeks afterwards.
    he is an awesome actor – he just needs a bit of anger management. 🙂

  7. I agree. The actor's charm and charisma that he/she portrays as the character — as well as how they look while in character — also adds to their appeal. That's probably why geeky/superhero/scifi characters appeal to us, including me.I've had a crush on Christian Bale since his Little Women and Newsies days. He is a amazing actor. My attraction faltered for a while after seeing American Psycho and hearing about his angry outburst on set, but I my respect for his acting ability really grew after watching The Machinist. The Machinist is not like American Psycho, but it does leave a lasting, not-so-pleasant impression.I had a slight crush on Christopher Reeve because of Superman (so did my mom). I think Brandon Roth is just as hot, in part because of his simulation of Reeve.

  8. Forgot to say that I'd laugh my ass off too if I saw my husband dressed as a superhero. Role-playing doesn't have the same effect as fantasy for me. Although, I think my husband would beg to differ if I was dressed up like a super heroine.

  9. he was SO good in prestige. i remember seeing it in theatres on opening night…and i was so dumbfounded at the end, we went back the night after and saw it again. haha

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