healthy lunches for kids

so i needed inspiration now that chaeli is bringing packed snacks and lunches to summer camp (and will continue doing so for the school year).

maybe i'm just bad at it but i didn't know it would be this hard! and i'm lucky… chaeli's not considered a picky eater for her age. but… she does have expensive taste. i mean, she wants sushi for lunch. and smoked salmon wraps. sheesh! would little miss like some grey poupon? some caviar garnish, perhaps?

anyway, i found two that i like:

both have great ideas – but not just for kids. i actually put sticky notes on pages that i know i'll be using for my own packed lunches.

there was a third that seemed promising in writing – it was a healthy vegetarian lunch box. but it lacked pictures. which is a huge sin for me. 

food is a sensory thing – which includes the sense of sight. i still can't get past a cook book that does not use a lot of photos. personally, i need a photo per recipe.

plus, how is a cooking-challenged person like me suppose to make something good if i don't know what it's suppose to look like at the end?

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2 thoughts on “healthy lunches for kids

  1. I agree that a photo should accompany every recipe, especially featured in magazines or books. I've noticed I'm less likely to try a recipe when it doesn't include a photo of the finished product. Sometimes it's hard for me to visualize the meal from the directions and ingredients.

  2. We have a huge issue with packed lunches for Maddy. She IS a picky eater, but then I have to also contend with all the foods she is NOT allowed to take to school. Right now, she is addicted to sandwiches, which I don't really care. Problem is, her school is peanut and nut free. Grrrr! One of my rules is that there needs to be a protein in her lunch, but she doesn't like eggs or fish (though she would take Cali rolls everyday if she could). So we are stuck to deli meats, or other things that call themselves "meat" but contain so many nitrates.

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