bottling wine, robert downy jr. and carnivorous dining

we had ourselves an adult weekend while chaeli stayed at my parents' place.

doug and i ended having a pretty fun-filled packed day on saturday:

  • woke up early and did power90 intervals – was planning on going to a bodyflow class but felt more tired then usual. so i skipped the extra class.


  • grocery shopping on my own – i get it done faster by myself AND we don't buy any more then we need because doug's not there to add to the already planned list (which he planned with me the night before).


  • afternoon appointment to go back to the wine place – bottled 30 pinot noirs and 30 chardonnay's. i worked it out – it only cost us $5.50 a bottle. and it's yummy!


  • took an afternoon snooze – a luxury in itself.



  • doug cooked me this fantstic meal at home – rib grilling steaks, home roasted fries seasond and sprinkled with parmesian cheese and boiled white carrots. we had planned on eating on the patio with candles, but it had rained not too long before – everything was too wet.


  • [insert what parents do when the kid is not around – yes, tmi to explain fully but you get the picture]


  • i asked doug if he wanted to see another movie on demand. so we chose to see the blind side. it was a good movie. i did enjoy it. but… oscar winning for best female actress? really? not to say it was bad acting… but there must have been more well-deserved acting from last year. i suppose the movie was geared towards a more family-oriented audience. it was a feel-good movie. they basically grazed over some of the darker, hardship areas of big mike's past. it was worth the $5.99 – but i'm glad i didn't pay a full movie ticket price for this one.

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5 thoughts on “bottling wine, robert downy jr. and carnivorous dining

  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! :DWhat parents do without kids around and Tony Stark fantasy: That was my first thought too! LOLGrocery shopping: *L* Classic.Rib grilling steaks: Are those steaks made from rib meat? Or did you use seasoned rub on grilled steaks?

  2. the steaks are from the rib area. marbled – so if you want it lean, definitely do not get this. but… i think steaks should be marbled – more juicy and more flavourful. yum!

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