the soap opera life she leads…

so about chaeli's latest boyfriend, steven, apparently, the relationship is no more.

last week, at the beginning of the relationship (yes, the relationship lasted a whole week – which i guess is pretty standard for 6 year olds), i would pick her up from school and have to wait for those two to say their good-byes to one another. and man was it a big deal!

she'd be all like, "byyyyye steeeven!" and he'd be all like, 'byyyye chaeliiiii!" and they would hug and then whisper stuff back and forth and then hug again and be all giggly and what-not.

then yesterday, as i was picking her up, i happened to notice that she'd just walk right by him. and steven himself, didn't even look up to acknowledge her – he was more interested in his colouring.

as we left the classroom and walked down the hall together, i asked chaeli, "so chaeli – what's the deal with you and steven? i thought he was your boyfriend?"

she paused as if to collect her thoughts and words, "hmm… well, not so much."

"what happened?"

"well… we're still friends. but he's a bit too loud. and he chews with his mouth open."

so i guess that's why she dumped him.

can't say i blame her.

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11 thoughts on “the soap opera life she leads…

  1. technically, he wasn't her boyfriend. she was just letting him think that she was. 🙂 so i guess that's it – he thinks that chaeli is his gf when in fact she is, at the moment, a free agent.

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