i miss paddling

for some of my newer vox friends, you probably don't know that i use to be a competitive dragon boat paddler.

i mean – really competitive. like, i lived for the sport. i never went all the way though – i tried, but was taken off on the last cut for the final roster on the national women's team.

this past weekend, we were at cathy's in-law's cottage. and on a whim, i jumped into the canoe with stephen and his daughter. before i knew it, i was paddling hard (or as hard as i could – i'm rusty after all) - digging deep with that blade and torquing my torsal with enough force to feel the pull of the water.

that same rush came back – the one where you start to pick up speed across the water. and you feel as if your arm, shoulders and back are a mere extention from the boat.

later on, doug and i hopped into a two-seated kayak.

i felt it again. the pull of the water. the exhileration of digging deeper. the breeze as we coasted across the surface.

the thing is, i don't miss dragon boat racing. i just miss that feeling. and because i have to be careful with my back, i need to find a sport where i'm not bending at my waist as much. which dragon boat demands of you.

i might check out some city club for outrigger canoeing – for leisure sport, only. i'm not at the point in my life where i can commit to being competitive (not wth my full schedule as it is).

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