new school

so, as of this week, chaeli officially started attending her new school.

actually - she's attending summer camp/school at the same school she will be entering grade 1 this fall.

i wanted to wait until the end of the week to write about it because first of all, i didn't want to jinx myself. she was so amazing the first couple of days that i wasn't sure if it was because it was just all very new and exciting that it distracted her from the fact that i was leaving her with new people and that she had to make new friends.

after all, it was *I* who said to her, "chaeli, this is a new school. it will be fun and exciting but you will be meeting all new teachers and making all new friends."

chaeli replied back, "i know."

"so, i just don't want you to cry when i drop you off."

"off course not."

she said this last line while looking at me with an expression that said, um, hello? don't you know me at all? you're being completely silly, mom. stop it.

drop offs have actually never been easier. for one thing, this school is so organized. i love it. everything was ready for us with muliple storage areas for different things for each student. if i could, i would marry this school. but mainly, chaeli was so eager to get into her new classroom that she barely even took time to give me a hug and a kiss good-bye. i was like, "um, chaeli… aren't you going to give me a hug at least?"

in a span of a week, she's made a few friends. and has even made a boyfriend.

his name is steven.

oh… and you should know that our neighbour's kid, aidan, asked chaeli to be his girlfriend. she told my father later that she wasn't interested in aidan but didn't want to hurt his feelings so she's just pretending to be his girlfriend.



she's been lit up all week. i still find it unbelievable – maybe she will change her mind when she starts getting homework in the fall time. but for the time being, i'm know that doug and i are quite lucky.

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3 thoughts on “new school

  1. How great! Sounds like Chaeli is having a GREAT time and is totally ready for school come the fall… really helps when you love the school too- Im glad you got lucky and LOVE your school….and poor Aidan! That kids in for a world of heartache! hee hee

  2. I am glad she is enjoying her new school. I know, for you, it must be difficult to see her go and be so self-sufficient and even have a boyfriend!! That is cute. I would not worry too much about her being a playah! I was one of the girls in first grade that ran after the boys on the playground. We called this game, "The Kissing Girls." If we caught them, we kissed them.

  3. I'm glad Chaeli is adjusting very well to her new school and environment. That school sounds awesome! More schools should be so organized and focused on their students' individual needs. I think it's so cute that Chaeli has/had a boyfriend. I laughed out loud when I read "PLAY-AH!!!" I had crushes on boys when I was that young — isn't it amazing (and a bit alarming) that attraction is present at such a young age, way before puberty? — but I was very shy and wasn't like the girls who flirted and bossed the boys into playing "house."

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