the end of my four-day weekend

even though i didn't really have that much time to rest, it was a nice four-days away from the office. though – i'm itching to go back (i know, i'm sick). i am pleased to have gotten so much done in the past two days, though.

as mentioned, i finished re-organizing the linen closet. there were sheets that use to be used on doug's single mattress form his bachelor days. well, none of our beds are singles anyway. so into the garbage bags they went, including any tattered linen and towels.

i now can go into the closet and not have to dig around anywhere. i cleared out enough linen to make an extra empty shelf so i moved all the cleaning products up to a level where i won't have to bend over to reach (since i need access to the cleaning products frequency).

i also loved that i was able to attend a bodyflow class today. it's not easy but it's definitely a great way to cool down after a bodypump class. it's all about balance and inner calmness. there's a lot of stretching, twisting, opening of the hips and breath work – as with any yoga class. loved the music, too. so calmning. even though i was sweating while holding some of those poses.

for sure, i will be sore tomorrow. i'm already feeling it now. and it's not from bodypump or bodyflow. it was from the p90x plus' upper body plus workout.

i got a chance to skype with both rita/harry from the states and ada/hoa from vancouver. so happy to chat with good friends! gotta love skype. plus – no long distance charges. 😀

current list:

phase I:

  • front closet
  • guest powder room – medicine cabinet and under sink
  • chaeli's bathroom – medicine cabinet and under sink
  • under master bathroom sink
  • linen closet
  • wine cabinet
  • revisit the shelves of chaeli's closet
  • fridge
  • kitchen sink storage space
  • kitchen cabinets – did some
  • revisit my walk-in closet
  • sort through some drawers in our master bedroom that's gone a tad crazy

phase II:

  • storage closet by kitchen
  • office – like all of it
  • laundry room
  • revist basement & storage space
  • ice box


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4 thoughts on “the end of my four-day weekend

  1. yeah i had off of work on monday, and while i was happy i didn't have to get up in the morning after an entire day of BBQ-ing (drinking), come about noon or so i was bored and sort of wanted to go to work.
    i think we're both sick 🙂

  2. I'm glad to hear (read) that you got to Skype chat with your friends from the States and Vancouver. I haven't used Skype, but Jeremy and my friends love it. I can't believe it's free/cheap.My sister and I have been discussing cleaning our closets of old clothes. It's a daunting, long overdue, task that we wish was already done.

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