back to my sorting, chucking and re-organizing…

i took both today and tomorrow off, mainly because chaeli starts her first day today at a new school (summer camp where she will be attending grade one in the fall) and i didn't want to rush this morning. it gave me a chance to learn what needs to be done once i got there (not much – that school is ORGANIZED! totally after my own heart.) and it gave me an idea how long it takes to commute there from home in the morning rush hour.

i figured i'd take two days off so i could get back to my cleaning and organizing project. i've done what i wanted to get done for today – the lower two shelves of our linen closet (to make room for extra soap, kleenex boxes, paper towels, toilette paper, cleaning products, etc.) and our entire storage area under the sink of our master bathroom – that's two sinks plus the three drawers inbetween.

tomorrow, i attack the 3 upper shelves of the linen closet. there's some linen and towels that need to go – and everything needs to be re-folded and organized better.

my list has not only grown but changed into two phases.

phase I:

  • front closet
  • guest powder room – medicine cabinet and under sink
  • chaeli's bathroom – medicine cabinet and under sink
  • under master bathroom sink
  • linen closet – half done
  • storage closet by kitchen
  • wine cabinet
  • revisit the shelves of chaeli's closet
  • fridge
  • kitchen sink storage space
  • kitchen cabinets – did some
  • revisit my walk-in closet
  • sort through some drawers in our master bedroom that's gone a tad crazy

phase II:

  • office – like all of it
  • laundry room
  • revist basement & storage space
  • ice box

if i have time, i'll also tackle under the kitchen sink. but i will see. after all, i deserve a couple of hours just to myself. i'm tempted to go see eclipse. :p

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4 thoughts on “back to my sorting, chucking and re-organizing…

  1. Wow, I am impressed at how disciplined and organized you are, to get all of these things done AND get the do the exercise program you are on. You are inspiring, Shy!!

  2. thanks. 🙂 it's all about waking up early for me – otherwise, i'm not as productive. the later i sleep, the lazier i feel.

  3. You remind me of how productive I used to be, and how disciplined. I think it is inner drive. I have seen it in some of my children and not in others. Inner drive is a wonderful thing!

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