canada day at darlington park

doug normally does not get a holiday off – unless he books the entire week off for vacation. which sucks – it totally cuts in on our family days of summer.

but miraculously, because they needed a special favour from him, they gave him today off. which meant we finally got a chance to have a holiday together.

we wasted no time in planning. without much effort, we found a close-by provincial park to check out for the day. it was only 30 minutes away and we may book a night or two of fall camping (it's so close – it would be easy to just head there after the end of friday's workday and stay until sunday morning).

i woke up at my regular 5:30 am time to do an hour and a half of yoga (p90x yoga-x). not too long after i finished, everyone else woke up. we were out the door by 9 am.

we spent the morning hiking a couple of the trails and then found a nice shady area for a picnic lunch. after some leisure rest time, we headed over to the beach and remained there until it was time to pack up and head back home.

i got in a nice nap on the beach. can't beat that!

happy canada day!

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4 thoughts on “canada day at darlington park

  1. What wonderful pictures. Looks like you had perfect weather and a lovely family day. Make sure they get a picture with you in it next time!! I love the picture of the butterfly, the one of your daughter looking down, she is so adorable!! My favorite is the black and white of your daughter and Doug. Wow. That needs to be in a frame on the table. Just wonderful. I can tell the day was a huge success. So glad you had a family day together!!!

  2. hey fs – yeah, it was a wonderful day! chaeli had so much fun. if we stayed home, she would have just plunked herself in front of the tv or spend the entire afternoon playing video games. as a parent, i don't mind that once in awhile – but that's the sort of thing i save for a rainy day indoors. or if i have to do work at home.
    i'm definitely framing the one of the two together. 🙂

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