stupid smell

something smells close to my work desk. it was there one day last week as well. as soon as i walked into my cubicle, i could smell it.

it's driving me insane. i can't figure out the source or where it is coming from.

at first, i thought that maybe a rodent had died near-by. but then, the next days after that, the smell wasn't present anymore.

until today.

argh! it's going to bug me all day!

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5 thoughts on “stupid smell

  1. Is there a particular time that the smell shows up? (i.e. lunch time) or does it coincide with a particular event (i.e. someone rolls by with a cart of something smelly)? 8^)

  2. i have a feeling it happens after a night where the cleaning people DO something. because it lasts for just one day but seems to happen mid-week. i will keep you guys posted come next wednesday.

  3. nope – it was gone by the next day. and this week, it never returned. though – i was off for the first half of the week. maybe i just wasn't present for it.

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