kiss and tell! ;)

a couple of nights ago, i had a dream where i was heading into the supermarket. just outside, there was this young woman – i would say she was a little bit punk. she had tattoos, funky hair, a nose ring and definitely had an edge to her.

anyway, she was crying. so i went up to her and asked her if she was okay. without any warning, she flung herself into my arms and started to sob hysterically.

i never got the story out of her but i felt a huge rush of empathy for her sorrows.

after calming her down, we started to talk about other things. we were holding hands and flirting with one another like crazy. it didn't take long for me to cup her face and give her a  kiss on her lips.

i woke up then and while i couldn't remember the details of her face anymore, i knew that it was violca.

violca was this young lady i met ten years ago at a party. she was a dj back then – i have no idea what she's up to these days. anyway, when i arrived at the party, not knowing anyone except for mad-boy (who dragged me there), plus rvx and tai (who i dragged with me), she came up to me shortly and said, "hi! you're shy, right?"

i was taken aback a bit. after answering that yes, indeed that's who i am, i inquired how she knew. apparently, mad-boy had sent all his friends the link to my website back then.

ah. so they all knew me way more then i knew them. 🙂

anyway – i had to admit, violca was very cool. she wasn't an obvious beauty you would pick out from the room but the girl had a quality to her that was hard to ignore. perhaps her confidence was part of her sex appeal. it wasn't over-bearing, either. it was, i would say… grounded but very present. not cocky, not show-y and definitely did not feel the need to be part of the spotlight. and yet, she was definitely always on the edge of the spotlight – a force to be reckoned with.

i suppose i had one too many drinks. and she didn't hide her attraction towards me. closer to the end of the night, i did exactly to her as what i did to this young symbolic woman who represented her from my dreams – i reached out, cupped her face and kissed her. just for a moment or two.

and you know what? she kissed better then most guys i've kissed.

don't ask me how many i've kissed, either. it's an embarrassing amount (like, waaaaay more then necessary).

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3 thoughts on “kiss and tell! ;)

  1. haha! sort of. but not really. i mean, i never got into drugs or anything illegal. i did my fair of stupid drinking, but not often. and for the most part, i stuck with water or a cola drink all night long. i just liked to kiss. a lot. 🙂

  2. Kissing is wonderful, especially when it involves the cupping of a face or nape of the neck in another's hands. :)You were a wild child… at least compared to my embarrassingly tame past. 😉

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