brunch, sushi and a belated birthday

saturday, i woke up early-ish (8am is actually a sleep-in for me on weekends) so i could have a light breakfast and head out to a saturday morning bodypump class.

oh it felt good. i have not done the bodypump class on weekends in awhile because p90x was so demanding, strength-wise in particular, that i had to whittle my 3 times a week bodypump class to just every thursday (as a way to maintain my fitness level for the class – and because i would miss it too much if i took it out of my schedule completely). anyway – great class. and because i was done with p90x, i upped my weights – felt great!

afterwards, i went directly to bayview village to meet up with cathy for brunch at oliver & bonacini. we both had:

Savoury Smoked Chicken Crêpe
two poached eggs, wilted spinach, Thunder Oak Gouda, Northern Woods mushrooms & hollandaise sauce

oh it was definitely a good choice! i also got the cottage fried potatoes as a side. i was hungry. who wouldn't be after bodypump, though? 🙂

afterwards, doug and i picked up a large platter of sushi, sashmi and maki rolls, then headed over to tai's and trish's for an early dinner. with wine and lots of cuteness from their 3-month, twin boys, and of course, visiting with their poodle, cowboy, is never a dull moment, it was a great way to spend the later part of the day.

i also gave doug his belated birthday present. work has, i admit, totally thrown off my organization skills in terms of presents so i was behind with both mother's day, father's day and doug's birthday.

i have caught up on everything but was most happy with my present ideas for doug. and the reason why it was belated was because i was waiting to to get them in the mail.  and… as luck would have it, the two items (one from me and one from chaeli) arrived friday.

doug got the germany's home world cup soccor uniform from me:

and the liverpool world cup uniform from chaeli:

he's a quarter italian, a quarter german and a half scottish. he already had the italian uniform from a couple of world cups ago so i focused on germany this time.

scotland didn't make it to this world cup but i reallly liked the liverpool look. doug loved both.

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