so i'm sitting here typing away and i start to feel something. and i'm thinking at first i'm just imagining things. but it doesn't stop. and i'm wondering if perhaps this swaying could please stop because it's making it very hard for me to concentrate on my work. really – for a split second, i was even annoyed. but then i start to worry that i'm going through a dizzy spell and i might pass out.

of course, it then dawns on me that i was feeling a tremor (the earthquake hit ottawa – our national capital – at 5.5).

that's about the most exciting thing that has happened to me all week.

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5 thoughts on “tremor

  1. it's not often – and usually, it's an earthquake of 5-something at most. not much higher. usually lower. and toronto usually only gets the shockwave. i remember it happened several years ago. it woke me up because my furniture and shelves were vibrating. crazy!
    as for yesterday, i was on the ground level so all i felt was this swaying effect. very sudtle. my friend was downtown in a highrise and things were falling off the shelf. they had to evacuate for precautionary reasons.

  2. funny you should mention tornados. one touched down just outside the city last night – destroying this community of mobile homes. we normally do not get them in the city, though. usually just outside.

  3. My local news said that people felt the shock wave beyond my area in the Detroit metro area. I have a friend who felt it in New Jersey! Jeremy and I didn't notice anything, though. Jeremy found an interesting website that has a lot of information about the earthquake and the area's history of earthquakes.We've been getting a lot of tornado warnings in our area. Tornadoes have been touching down in surrounding cities, sometimes 30-50 miles away. Luckily, none have hit my city yet.

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