i must have lost my mind

i mentioned here that i'll be tackling the p90x PLUS program after finishing the p90x (doubles) program, which is rounding up this week. yes – my final week. i can't believe it's already here. what a ride it's been.

and i'm going to miss this week. yes, i am. because i just purchased the p90x plus program and watched a bit of one dvd.

it is a killer! it's insane! i have no idea how i'm going to get through just one week alone. i'm not just a little scared. i'm TERRIFIED!

but… how the hell am i going to know if i can do it if i don't even try?

i am, however, going to recover for one week, then do a bit of my own workout schedule for another week before diving into this new schedule.

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5 thoughts on “i must have lost my mind

  1. wow. go shy baby! i've been sitting on my arsefor more than 4 months revising teh sequel!i hope you see great results!! i'm so out of shapeand feel it!

  2. thanks, cyn. i'm a tad nervous about doing this next phase of p90x. it's so extreme. it's like they made massive jumps to an ultra-high level from p90x. and you're lefting wondering if maybe you missed some important series that was released in between that everyone knew about. except you.
    yes – THAT's how extreme this is going to be. if this doesn't whip me up in even more shape (without killing me), i'm going to write tony horton personally for my money back.
    well, unless it does kill me. because then i think i would have bigger problems then getting my money back.
    anyway – it's more important that you focus on the sequel then get in shape. at least for us readers. :p
    after you are done, i'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things. and if not, let me know and i'll yell at you to get p90x! 🙂

  3. it is at home. it's not ideal for some people – especially if you can't feel motivated at home. but if you can learn the moves, you can also easily do this at the gym. i do it every morning at 5:30am – except for one workout, it's around an hour long. then i go to the gym to do more cardio at lunch.
    i get it done about 20-30 minutes before chaeli wakes up.

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