father’s day 2010

i have to admit, this was the first father's day in which i was totally unprepared for. leading up to this date, i've just been so busy with work that i spent basically zero time preparing for the day.

luckily both doug and my father have been very understanding.

anyway, chaeli made doug a wicked plant holder using coloured popsicle sticks which held a plastic cup of a plant she planted awhile ago (and she was totally mums the word about it the entire time). when we asked her what she planted, though, she said, "i don't know. the teachers just gave us seeds and we planted them."

fair enough.

she also made doug a father's day card – in the shape of a tie.

i must say, she did a hell of a better job for her father then i did for mine. but… i did spend quality time with him. and treated him to his favourite treat – soft ice cream.

we met up in this neat street with cool boutiques, shopes and restaurants. there was this old firehall that had been changed to a confectionary store with an ice cream parlour off to the side. i must admit – hands down, best soft ice cream i've ever had. the dairy is bought from a local farm and you really can tell the difference in freshness.

afterwards, chaeli went with my parents back to their place. doug and i followed. but not before stopping in a new cheese, deli and bakery shop that opened just three weeks ago.

our instincts to go in was bang-on. it's a family-run business. the owner, gerry, tended to us right away (after finishing up with previous customers – it was a busy shop for only being opened 3 weeks). he gave us several samples of fine cheese, including one made of sheep's goat with truffles right in it! truffles! oh my – i was in heaven! i also had my first taste in a truffles infused honey. the aroma of the truffle hit my palate right away before the sweetness set in. it was by far the best tasting honey ever.

we left the place with four different types of cheese, as well as proscuitto. and today, while grocery shopping, i picked up a roll of kolbassa and some pate. we just finished having some of our newly purchased yummies with some red wine. it was a late lunch because this morning, chaeli and i made doug breakfast in bed – scrambled eggs on top of toast with cheddar cheese melted on top. and coffee of course.

anyway, the cheese shop is not as big as about cheese, situatiated in the village (gay community) of toronto, but the cheese is just as fine with a few more unique selections we've never encountered with before. plus tne rest of the shop definitely had a more italian feel to it, with an self-serve espresso section and great choices of truffle oil, olive oil and balsamic vinigrette. the bakery looked impressive though, unfortunately, it was 90% empty by the time we arrived (you need to get their early to get the freshly baked goods) and an anti-pasto table was also availabe, as well.

gerry was a great person to befriend. we were so impressed by his personanble style. after our purchase, he walked us to the front and we had a wonder ful conversation with him. he's about our age and such a warm and friendly, though very talkative, man. as a thank-you for shopping there, he sent us off with three freshly baked, apricot danishes – which we had for dessert after our steak dinner at my parents' house that same night.

we'll definitely go back and hopefully, he'll remember us.

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One thought on “father’s day 2010

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful Father's day!! The plant holder and plant that your daughter gave your husband sounds so cute, and the card as well. Those are the homemade gifts that I appreciate so much.

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