what happens when i am away

doug: "chaeli wanted to call you back the other night after she saw me hang up the phone."

me: "really? why?"

doug: "she wanted to know who was going to do her hair while you were away."

me: "ha! what did you say?"

doug: "i told her, 'daddy will do it!'"

me: "and was she okay with that?"

doug: "not really. she wasn't sure who was going to pick out her clothes either."

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7 thoughts on “what happens when i am away

  1. i hear a story all the time about how my dad was left to dress me for the first, and apparently last, time.
    it resulted in a head full of plastic barrettes and a mis-matched shirt and pant combo. i guess that was the last time my dad dressed me 🙂

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