nothing to be proud about

i did something today in my professional career in which i'm not proud of. the president of the company had me in his office and asked me for my honest opinion about a peer – one whom i certainly like very much both personally and professionally.

now, he doesn't work for our company but was hired to navigate a special event which required some media attention. still, i've been working with him for the past month and have come to really respect this person.

the truth? he did a great job bringing attention to our event.

the problem? he didn't do as he was told by the president of our company. and so when i was asked if he brought value to our company, i had to think in terms of the plans and value that the president was looking for. and the answer was, then, no – he brought the opposite value of what the company was seeking at the moment.

i felt horrible. i walked out of his office, grabbed my purse and headed down the long floor – looking for escape as i planned a break way from the office so i could get a coffee.

my manager met me halfway and with one look on my face, could easily read that i was out of sorts. so we made a detour to his office and i explained everything to him.

anyway – he ended up driving me to starbucks, treating me to coffee. we had a long talk about it. he told me not to feel bad – that the best thing i was able to do in such circumstances was be honest.

still – i have an awful feeling in the pitt of my stomach.

isn't this bad karma? isn't this exactly what i have been trying to avoid? is this the type of person i want to be?

i feel cowardly – not being able to stand up for this peer.

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6 thoughts on “nothing to be proud about

  1. But you were honest. That is the epitome of what we should be. Yes, it is hard, especially if you like the person you have to be honest about. I think honesty is the best policy. I am sorry it made you feel so bad!!

  2. i agree with the above comment…had you lied and said this person was excellent, you would've been dishonest to yourself and your boss and i'd imagine you would've found that equally as distressing, if not more so.
    you did the right thing! unfortunately, it's your co-worker who did not and you just had the misfortune of being asked your honest opinion about his work.

  3. If you really simply this.. and say you hired somebody to redecorate & all they did was clean, then they didn't do what they were hired to do. It wasn't your doing… good for you for being able to speak the truth. It feels crappy, but you did the right thing 🙂

  4. From personal experience, when holding a high ranking position or a position of respect and some degree of authority, it's best to make decisions with the big picture in mind. I think you made the right decision in being honest. You weighed the pros and cons and offered a thoughtful opinion. I do wonder, though, if you could have fit in the person's good points as well as his downfalls. The outcome may have been the same, even if you discussed the person's good qualities, but maybe not withholding that information would have eased your conscience.Also, you have the coolest boss!

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