a simple weekend

we are having another simple weekend – nothing was planned and for the most part, we just did whatever came naturally…

  • chaeli had her final soccor class. after they warmed up and did some exercise, we were invited to watch a game. wow – 4-6 year old soccor games are interest. for one thing, it's mostly just a bunch of chaos. and a soccor ball – which is spastically kicked around and going out of bounds a lot. but sometimes a team scores. and when that happens, it's very excitingt. chaeli was the goalie during the 3rd part of the game. at one point, doug and i heard her say to one of her team mates, "hey! why are you kicking the ball here???" about five minutes later, the same team mate cost them the game because he scored into their own net. oh well – at least they were having fun. 🙂
  • friday was a weird day. i had very little sleep and ended up sleeping pass the time i would normally wake up. but i find that because i was scheduled to do the last workout dvd of p90x on friday, it's easy for me not to be motivated. and why this is is because the last workout is always kenpo-x. this martial art segment. it was fun at the beginning but i got real bored of it. i made up by doing a killer running segment during my lunch break after completing ab-ripper-x. and then after cleaning the house, i went to the basement and did a 40 minute yoga workout with crunch – fat burning yoga. not anywhere as challenging as p90x yoga-x, but enough to work up a light sweat with a great cool-down, stretch segment.
  • i managed to tackle another storage section of my house so my list is now the following (my next area is more kitchen cabinets as well as the right shelves in chaeli's closet):
    1. front closet

    2. guest powder room – medicine cabinet and under sink
    3. chaeli's bathroom – medicine cabinet and under sink
    4. under master bathroom sink
    5. linen closet
    6. storage closet by kitchen
    7. wine cabinet
    8. revisit the shelves of chaeli's closet
    9. office – like all of it
    10. kitchen sink storage space
    11. kitchen cabinets – did some
  • finally watched all of 'lolita' and must admit that while all the characters graded on my nerves (but i got the sense this was intentional), overall, i did enjoy the movie. way better then the re-make of it. the only part that the re-make had that was missing from the orginal was how humbert went to visit lolita years later and found her not to be the young teen anymore. and how his attraction towards her immediately disappeared.

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2 thoughts on “a simple weekend

  1. Sometimes simple weekends are the best! I'm glad you had another one. :)Little kids playing soccer sounds so cute! I saw the remake of Lolita with Jeremy Irons. I guess I should watch the original by Stanley Kubrick. I would read the book, but I don't know if I want to immerse myself in that way to such a disrespectful and disastrous relationship involving pedophilia.What do you do once you finish the P90-X DVDs? Restart them from the beginning or pick whichever DVD you feel like?

  2. it's a bit different then the typical pervert pedophile targeting an innocent child. that's the one area where the jeremy irons movie didn't quite keep up with the book and the original movie, where she's actually the seductress. a 'nymphette' so to speak.with p90x, they recommend taking a break for a couple of weeks before going at the whole thing again. you can also get the p90x plus which are 4 or 5 add-ons and therefore, follow a new schedule that mixes the original dvd's and the new dvd's. or, you can create your own routine, mixing in, or not, with other forms of exercises that you would like to do.

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