random updates

  • we went to the bluffs by the lake last sunday and what a fun 2 hour walk/adventure that was. the place is quite diverse – marsh area, large, beautiful cliffs, a couple of beaches, picnic areas and a marina.
  • last night, we went to my parents place so doug could help my dad with this wall unit. while there, i helped my mom assemble chinese dumplings. we also had plain congee soup with salted eggs and pickled cucumbers. my mom also surprised us with stinky eggs (tastes better then it sounds thought there's an acquired to taste for sure) and some steamed buns. i od-ed on food that i haven't had for over 15 years. yum!
Salted eggsSteamed dumplingsPlain congee

  • chaeli found a caterpillar in the playground at school. they took the little critter in and she got to take it home for a weekend. which is great but oh the pressure! another kid is suppose to take the little guy home for the following weekend. how bad would i feel if he dies before monday morning?
  • yesterday morning was chaeli's last karate class. we were invited to watch her perform a series of movements as an end of the course test. i'll get video's up on my flickr account next week but for the time being, i must say that i see a drastic improvement in her jabs, punches, kicks and kung-fu moves. even her bowing and stance technique is much better.
  • today was such a nice day. cathy invited us over for lunch – very nice. she made a very yummy strawberry, goat cheese and toasted walnut, spinach salad. i had three helpings. ๐Ÿ™‚

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2 thoughts on “random updates

  1. yes – the catepillar survive! ๐Ÿ™‚ very surprising indeed.stinky eggs – it's fermented and the yolk is black but the egg white is still white. i have no idea how they do it. it sounds awful and you really can't have more then half an egg in one sitting. but i liked it.

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