we're all human. temptation can not be ignored. it's there – sometimes when we least expect it.

i remember the biggest temptation i've ever faced. doug and i weren't married yet – in fact, we only just begun dating. technically speaking, we hadn't agreed to stop dating others though there was an unspoken idea that neither of us would like the idea of the other one dating others.

anyway, i was at a party – and wouldn't you know it, an old flame was also invited. it was only a year ago that him and i were having an amazing summer fling. it wasn't meant to be though, as he was moving to another city at the end of the summer – i knew this from the beginning.

it wasn't just the physical attraction – we clicked like crazy. the chemistry was amazing. i could laugh with him and have great conversations with him. and we enjoyed exploring the city together. it was just an incredible time.

so… at this party, doug wasn't there but this ex-flame was. and when we started to talk, it was just like old times. the chemistry came back – and it hit us hard. we were the last ones out on the patio, talking away, way after everyone went inside. and as i found out later, all my friends were wondering if him and i were getting together again.

well, it turned out that he was sending me crazy signals. and that yes, he was hoping to spend the night with me. and i would be lying if i said that i wasn't tempted. i was very tempted.

but as i explained to my best friend and her husband the next day, what would have been the point? as great as it was to see him and as tempting it was to take him up on the offer, he would be leaving to go back home – his home. nothing has changed.

and while i had no clue where doug and i would end up in the long run, my gutt instincts was telling me to give this new relationship a chance.

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4 thoughts on “temptations

  1. i think that's what makes us adults in some ways: being able to anticipate not just repercussions but … intent. the reason WHY we give into temptation. whereas when we're young, we just DO things because it feels like we should.

  2. i agree.
    and i must say, that today, my temptation is to yell at a lot of stupid people. but i know that that won't do any good.
    ^ see? growth.

  3. But yelling can be therapeutic. ;)Who knows what happened to him during that year of separation? He could have been in a committed relationship, without giving you the hint, and thought of you as a temptation. He could have contracted an STD. All speculation, of course.Seriously, though, I agree that a part of being an adult and growing as a
    human being is recognizing the potential repercussions to actions and
    estimating the value, or lack thereof, of temptations.

  4. actually, he wasn't involved with anyone during our year appart. he wasn't the best in dating at the time – somewhat shy. i believed him when he said that he was single – and friends we knew confirmed it. :)he really was a very sweet guy – but the timing just wasn't right for us. and i don't think it was meant to be. really hot, though! blond hair, green eyes, killer body and a sexy south african accent! best summer romance – EVER! 😉

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